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Since the dawn of social media marketing, names like Facebook and Twitter have cast a massive shadow that seems to eclipse all others.  However, marketers have found glint of marketing ingenuity in another form: Pinterest.

I noticed this sparkle of Pinterest Propaganda while perusing my Facebook newsfeed the other day.  All of a sudden, I stumbled upon a post from Sperry Top-Sider offering a new pair of Sperry boat shoes, Sperry swimsuit and a bag to match, and what was the catch? You only have to create the best Pinterest board that best embodies the Sperry Top-Sider lifestyle!

As a self-proclaimed skilled pinner, I found myself feverishly pinning everything USA nautical to my new board entitled “Stars, Sperry, and Stripes Forever”.  Fifteen minutes and 51 pins later, I had an epiphany: I, Haley Jones, someone who for fun likes to pick apart marketing campaigns, had succumbed to one of the greatest marketing strategies!

I had never seen something like this!  I found myself simultaneously entering a sweepstakes, marketing the product via Pinterest, and having the sudden urge to buy a new pair of boat shoes!  Typically, when you are on Facebook or Twitter you are accustomed to seeing advertisements blow up your news/twitter feeds; however, these Pinterest campaign seizes the consumer’s attention in a new way where they are the masters of the company’s marketing destiny.  These Pin It to Win It campaigns are highly effective for companies, causing buzz for the product and a way to have the consumers market the product themselves!  Simply ingenious. 

Wanna see the results? Check out my “Stars, Sperry, and Stripes Forever” Board!



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