At Department Zero, keeping tabs on current trends is no small task. Everyday we come across a vast amount of cool stuff that collectively impacts modern culture and marketing as we know it. Some of them we tweet @DeptZero, some we share around the office and some are simply lost in a busy week. 

Here's a look back at a few highlights from last week:

 House of Mamba

House of Mamba

  • One of the absolute best uses of LED technology in experiential marketing right now - The Nike House of Mamba LED Court is breathtaking and MUST SEE. Take a deeper look here with @AKQA
  • Hyperlapse is a slick new app from Instagram that allows you to create amazing time lapse videos – 25 great examples: download it here:
  • Ad Week put out a nice little article on experiential marketing. Experience Counts: Experiential programs fuel consumer desire to connect with a brand's personality:  via @AdWeek
  • Analytics now available on Twitter - Oooooh. Data nerds. Twitter Analytics is now available for everyone - join us in getting a little excited for
  • Logos are out - Abercrombie is stripping out giant logos & chasing fast fashion giant H&M in an effort to recapture teen relevancy.

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