The Southwest Airlines Bag Cops


Southwest Airlines cares about their customers -- and their bags.  That's why Department Zero and client Southwest Airlines created a traveling task force dedicated to squashing injustice and warning the public about fee scams from other airlines.

There are other airlines out there who are trying to pull a fast one by convincing travelers it is okay to pay for bags. Did you know that it can cost you up to $120 per round trip flight on other airlines, just to check your bags? That’s a crime. It should be illegal! Southwest would never do that to you. Everyone saves up to $120 when checking TWO bags for FREE with Southwest.

The Southwest Airlines Bag Cops are hitting the streets, educating the public and deputizing individuals with their very own Bag Cop badge. Keep your eyes open and follow @SouthwestAir on Twitter to learn where they are, because some lucky travelers will get a chance at free roundtrip tickets on Southwest Airlines.  We've deployed our officers to the following cities:

  • Philadelphia
  • Baltimore/DC
  • Chicago
  • Houston
  • Phoenix
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco

Don't thank them -- it's just what they do.