Experiential Marketing + Sampling = Awesome

A recent study from UK research consultancy BDRC Continental, shared with Marketing Week, shows that sampling merged with an element of experiential is an incredibly effective way to market products. 

Consumers exposed to branded experiential efforts:

  • Recommend the product to at least 4 other people
  • Showed a 90% increase in spontaneous brand awareness
  • Reported a 91% increase in intent to purchase

The caveat to this amazing research report is that sampling, WHEN COMBINED with a more in-depth brand experience, can produce these results. Freebies and simple sampling efforts will still move the needle, of course, but will not make the impact that a little extra touch can provide.

We have been tracking similar results for our clients over the years, and it is why any sampling program recommended by Department Zero always includes a more immersive experiential aspect. If your sampling or event marketing efforts are not reporting similar successes, take a good look at what the potential consumers' actual experience is with your brand out there in the field. If they are simply being handed a free sample and not being engaged, it is time to shake up your program!