Zombie Concepts

Everyone in the agency game knows that the coolest stuff ever created is probably also the stuff that will never see the light of day. We all understand that there is a required balance to work in advertising, somewhere between creativity and commerce, and that this is the paradox of working in our field. I am also pretty sure that every agency has their own creative concept graveyard - the place where we stash our zombie concepts. No matter how many times they are shot down, these zombies rise again, refusing to die.

There is merit in keeping those old, good ideas close by, to revisit from time to time and see if they might inspire something new. It can be tempting to start to lean on them, to regularly dust them off and pull them out in brainstorms and new business pitches, regardless of how well they fit the current client and campaigns' goals. But just like the undead, with time zombie concepts can start to decay, and maybe smell a little bit. It becomes clear that they are just shells of the living, breathing ideas that they once were, and it would be better for everyone involved to let them go. It can be sad, frightening and exhilarating all at once, killing zombies that were once very dear creative concepts. It also gives us all some extra breathing room to create entirely fresh ideas.

One of our partners, Clockwork Design + Architecture, worked with us on the zombie concept below, quite some time ago. This stage, art gallery and interactive installation was created to be a self-contained and self-leveling shipping container environment that would tour urban areas across the country. The program it was created for never came about, and this was stashed in our zombie graveyard. We'd like to acknowledge the awesomeness that was poured into this effort, take a moment to marvel in everything that it could have been, and then put it to rest. 

Do you have any zombie concepts lurking in your office?