One Loud Tchotchke

The tchotchke (chahch-skie; How Do I Say This?) is a branded giveaway that is a big part of event marketing. When investing part of your marketing budget in consumer giveaways, it is crucial to find the correct promotional item that will represent your brand and keep your name fresh  in consumers’ minds. That is why we here at Department Zero have decided to bring you the Tchotchke Of The Month!

We are constantly on the hunt for unique and new branded items for our clients' promotional efforts. This month we are sharing an item we recently found: a pair of cardboard cube speakers. These babies are made from old phone books, pizza boxes, newspapers and all sorts of other recyclable goodies.  It can be folded flat for convenient carrying, plugs right into any MP3 or mobile phone, and uses no batteries. This means no more hunting specialty battery stores to replace oddly sized batteries after the first set expire. Any design can be applied all around its surface.