Social Music Sharing

If social media is a cute little chirping bird then social music is a monster from the underworld scrobbling and meeping all over the web. For the past 3 years social music sites have been flooding the web, each amazingly bringing something different to the table. Including the weird sound they choose to associate with sharing music. No matter what unnatural sound is calling out from the site, they all have the same purpose; to share music.


Think back to when you wanted to share a song with a special someone in the days of cassette tapes. Well  today’s social music isn’t much different… in theory.

What’s changed:

  • Instead of sharing music with one person we now share it with the masses
  • It’s not about who you share with, it's about where you share it
  • We are no longer limited to the top 40, there are billions of tracks at our disposal
  • No more hand written notes to call attention to your favorite verse, digitally mark each second of a song with a different comment if you so choose  

These features give us is the ability to access information from consumers that in the past was only shared between friends. Just like social media, this allows event marketing agencies like Department Zero to target, engage and interact with consumers on a more accurate and personal level. Back in the 90’s if you were to stick the wrong cassette into the boom box at an event, you wouldn’t have a chance of getting anyone to register to win that special edition Pog. Technology now allows us to know what our consumers are saying about music before it ever reaches an event site.

Music is relevant in marketing no matter what brand you are working on. To connect with your target through music is to prove authenticity. By no means is this a breakthrough in marketing, but it’s a great way to bring us closer to the consumer and make our brands more authentic. So whether it sounds like Tweety Bird or Big Foot, it’s time we embrace all things social and bring good music to the consumer.