What does Department Zero mean?

If our agency's site had a FAQ area, this would be the #1 question:

Where did the name come from?

"Department Zero" is an old retail term, and described items that don't quite fit within the established departments and categories. Department stores label each department by name and by number. The Toy Department might be labeled Dept 7, or the Electronic Department might be 23. Seasonal items like animatronic waving Santas, holiday candy, bright sunscreen displays, "As Seen On TV!" merchandise and even random lawn and garden items were assigned to the imaginary "department zero." Some of those categories have grown into their own departments over the years, and some are still just seasonal flashes – featured up-front for a few months and then gone until the next holiday.

Department Zero, Inc. pulls together interesting, impactful and creative marketing methods that may not have a permanent home in established categories, advertising, pr agencies, social media or marketing departments. We work strategically with Fortune 500 brands and their partner agencies to create experiential, grassroots, live event, promotional, social media and guerrilla marketing efforts that build and educate target audiences.