Brand + Ambassador Matchmaking

Selecting staff to be the face of a brand is extremely important to a live marketing effort. The target audience forms opinions through interactions with brand representatives, so having the right players on stage is crucial. There are many, more nuanced considerations that play into casting individuals to represent a brand, but here are the big three that must first be addressed.

  • Personality - This is what initially decides if a person is considered for a job. A Brand Ambassador’s personality should reflect the brand they are representing.
  • Experience - Relevant experience in representing top brands at events, field marketing and promotions is required.
  • Reliability - Don't you hate when someone does not show up? It happens to everyone at some point, but we do our best to communicate on a regular basis, let our field staff know that we care, and that good work is always followed by more. We also schedule back up staff that report on site each day, so our clients are never stuck short-staffed.

Brand and Ambassador Matchmaking is an art, but one that is vitally important to live event marketing efforts. When done right, the team on the ground loves the brand, the audience loves the team and the brand loves the results!