Fight for Your Sponsorship Rights

In sponsorship negotiations, on-site activation is viewed as secondary to logo / branding placement, but in reality, it should be the other way around.  While a logo may catch some eyes, a conversation will create memories.  Memories create brand loyalty.  Is it better to be seen or to be remembered?

It is not sufficient to hope the consumer sees your logo and makes a connection between your brand and the property.  You want the ability to talk to consumers.

We recommend …

  • Require on-site activation space within your sponsorship contract; most of the time it’s given away for free.
  • Require rights for entry & exit distribution, take the opportunity to say hello and goodbye.
  • Require category exclusivity to avoid brand confusion
  • Require roaming rights of the venue, so brand ambassadors aren’t confined to the area
  • Budget for on-site activation - keep in mind that most sponsors spend at least the same amount on the sponsorship as they do the on-site activation
  • Get in front of the crowd! Shoot some t-shirts, do a stunt, get a shout out, whatever it takes.

Maximizing your sponsorship rights can be extremely beneficial and likely easier than expected.  Next time you’re at the negotiating table, be sure you have on-site rights before you sign on the dotted line. It is the brand’s obligation to fight for the right to be at the party.

What sponsorships rights are the most important to your brand?