The Power of Tablets


If you’re into cool, shiny things, whether you’re an Apple or a PC kind of person, I’m sure that you know all about the tablet craze. Research analysts at the Gartner Group project that sales of Tablet PCs will reach 55 million this year and by 2013, approximately 80% of the workforce will be using tablet technology! From Apple, Dell, Motorola and Samsung, almost all have similar capabilities. Cameras, vast app catalogs and great battery life alike.

The best part about them is what they have allowed the Experiential Marketing industry to do. Tablets allow brand ambassadors to capture real time data, show off a new application and even allow consumers to make purchases right on site, all while remaining untethered to a specific location. With built in WiFi or even faster speeds there is no need for those painfully small netbooks and bulky WiFi adaptors from the Stone Age. The ambassadors can easily walk around anywhere and have these bad babies ready to go. Now every thing you need is at the touch of your fingers.

How are you currently integrating iPads, tablets, data collection, or showing off new visual technology in your experiential, event or trade show marketing efforts?