The Rising Cost of Fuel

gas up.jpg

Over $4.00 for a gallon of gas? Yeah, it hurts but it won’t kill you. Let’s say you have a 15 gallon tank. If gas hits $5.00 a gallon, it’s only another $15 a month from where we are now. One less pizza. One less movie.

Now imagine if you had half a dozen straight trucks that each drive 1,000 miles a week and get 7 MPG coasting downhill. That $1 jump costs $857 every week. This is the reality for touring promotions in today's world. If you imagine that you are on a 20 week tour, this one dollar bump equals over $17,000.

All this means experiential marketers are going to have to be smarter. We will have to follow the map, not the events we want to attend. Concessions may need to be made, but if you don’t consider the reality of gas prices, you’re going to run out of gas halfway through the program. And we all know that without gas, your road warriors will turn into the Road Warrior.