Eco Marketing $ense - Signage

If the title of this post has you ready to move on because eco has nothing to do with your brand or marketing initiatives- Hold up.  We’re really not going all crunchy green on you, or channeling Ke$ha for that matter, but rather focusing on why instilling some eco-best practices into your experiential marketing plan will give you a better return on your investments.   On the docket today: signage.


One of the main tenements of “going green” which we are all familiar with, is reuse.  All too often at events we are confronted with companies that have tried to save a little moola in the signage department and are displaying battered foam core posters or poorly hung vinyl banners that just look cheap and dirty.  While it’s pretty much a no brainer that any activation worth its weight in glitter needs to include signage, the number of times that a sign can be reused should be a main consideration when deciding what physical form the signs should take.  Making the choice to invest a bit more up front for durable, lightweight and easy to install signage will ensure that your brand continues to look fresh at every event and will save money in the long run, since these assets are built to last.