Brand Talkability

I scan a lot of industry articles daily, and when I come across something I find either delightfully enlightening or head-numbingly obvious, I like to share it. Yesterday I caught an article in Promo Magazine that promised to tell "How to Create a Talkable Brand," and below are the key points. If you are a marketer charged with providing talk value for your brand, here are some things to consider.

Talkable brands:

  • Take an obvious stand for something
  • Stand out from their competition by being remarkable at something
  • Join conversations wherever their customers are talking

Brand "talkability," like most measures of popularity, is dependent on being unique, remarkable, and participating with the people talking about you.

Marketing plans to generate talkability often will look and feel more like campaigns for office. If a brand wants to be the class president, they should adjust their marketing approach.