A Badass Little Camera

Many of you have probably seen or played with the loveable point and shoot Flip HD camcorder. However, you may not have herd that the technology giant Cisco has purchased the Flip and plans to stop production. I know you might be thinking, what is one to do? I got two words words for you: GoPro HD. 


This little guy is vastly better then the Flip. It is just as simple as the Flip, but its even smaller, tougher, waterproof, and can record up to 9 hours with a 32GB SDHC memory card. Starting around $259.99, they are inexpensive for the features that they possess. Shooting in 1080p /960p / and 720p HD at 30 and 60 frames per second, your sure to capture all of the action footage you will need. The GoPro HD is perfect if you want to capture multiple angles from multiple cameras. The GoPro has a mount for just about any application, from windshield mounts so you can capture that high-speed lap to mounts for your wakeboard.  I can attest to how tough they are because I have seen this thing go 30 feet in the air off a snowboard jump to only come smashing down and ripping off the helmet mount. It was dusted off and turned it back on and it was up and running like nothing ever happened.  This is one Badass little camera!