To Celeb, or Not to Celeb?

A recent article about SoBe’s new “Try Everything” tour got us thinking about the presence of celebrities with experiential gigs. Yes? No? Maybe? (Check out the SoBe tour)

Food for thought when toying with the idea of bringing a celebrity on board for an experiential program...

  • Does this particular public face endorse everything under the sun? Or will their connection seem special to your brand?
  • Celebrity image match the brand’s audience?
  • Will the consumers have an easy time associating your brand with this person?
  • Is there an opportunity for consumers to interact with the celebrity?
  • Bottom line: does the cost of the appearance fee match the value of having that person on-site?

If you answered yes to most of the above questions ... give it a shot! With the added bonus of utilizing a celebrity's social media outlets, the publicity that it can bring to your event (if on target) could be phenomenal.

Homework to do before the show: determine what your brand needs to do to connect with the fans that came to your event to see their favorite celebrity. And, a quick message from your agency friends: if this illustrious star power overshadows your brand, move on to the next idea.  The last thing you want is for consumers to leave without knowing who you were.