Should Gorillas Guerilla?

Well known brands have obviously done marketing the right way. A big, household name has been established via sales channels, traditional media and has a great product or service they provide. But it doesn’t mean they don’t need to continue to impress consumers, in every way.

Their everyday consumers are eager to be engaged, whether they realize it themselves or not.


Enter: Guerilla Marketing.  Tactics can be executed in a number of different ways, but all comes back to the same premise - create disruptive opportunities to engage niche target audiences in ways that will make a positive brand impact. There is an opportunity to hit it out of the park, the way successful brands already do every day in traditional ways. By allowing a brand to travel out of the store, off of a TV or computer screen, and into the hands of people, you are creating an entirely fresh approach for creating emotional connections.

Additional reasons to consider guerilla tactics-

  • Skip sponsorship costs
    • Make funds available for giveaways, gifts, branding and field staff
  • Target audiences on multiple levels
    • Geographically – national scope down to specific neighborhoods
    • Lifestyle - associate your brand with activities important to the consumer
  • Take advantage of mobility
    • Movement & flexibility based on crowds allows for continuous interactions

Take it outside of the box.  Put yourself in the place of a consumer, completely surprised by the nice gesture from a large scale brand. The impression taken from an interaction like that is priceless, creates new brand advocates, and strengthens existing brand connections.