Eco Marketing $ense - Swag

It’s time again to look at a facet of marketing and vet it using eco best practices!  Topic du jour?  Swag.


According to Wikipedia one of the original swag items produced in this country was a “hat for horses”.  Not entirely sure what that was all about but since you follow this blog you know we are always finding fresh tchotchke ideas, because no company should have to resort to equine headwear.  We’ve seen way too many examples of similarly useless give away items, which are destined to collect dust, break and eventually end up in a landfill.  Not a positive brand association and not a positive environmental choice.  But how do you stay within budget and still manage to purchase creative, useful and decently made items??  The only possible answer is to purchase fewer items and in exchange ask for more.

The primary goal of swag is to encourage engagement and to provide a commemorative take away so it stands to reason that if a “better” item is offered you can easily ask for better engagement as well.  What this means will vary but basic requests such as providing contact information, demonstrating knowledge of the brand/ product, or simply showing genuine interest are all within reason.  Better engagement, better brand association, better for the environment- now that’s Eco Marketing $ense.