Eco Marketing $ense - Local Partners

You’ve got a killer program.  An awesome build-out.  Great staff to represent your brand.  Clear and cohesive messaging.   Now want to make it resonate just a little more when you take it on tour?  Time to think locally, while acting experientially.

Thinking locally has both practical and marketing benefits.  You save your client money by lowering transportation costs.  You gain credibility with your consumers by keeping money in their community.   With both you foster a sense of trust and accountability.  With clients, you are keeping their bottom line in mind.  With consumers you show that you care about them as individuals and not just tally’s on a spreadsheet.   

These benefits can be gained by including well thought out partnerships with local companies, individuals, non-profits or charities as part of your experiential program.   When a partner is brought on in a way that really makes sense and is complimentary to your message and brand, the result can be greater than the sum of the parts as both parties support and validate each other.


Whether you include a charity that betters the community, or an up and coming home grown performer, the results are mutually beneficial: the partnering company will have an opportunity to leverage the program you have in place for greater visibility, and your brand will gain some street cred as guests more readily identify with the experience.