Circle Me

Developing a successful social media platform has proven to be nearly impossible in the age of Facebook and Twitter. Just ask Google+. I had begun to lose hope that anyone would ever compete with the big two until a little site called Pinterest  came along. Seeing the overnight success of the “social pin board” has once again opened my eyes to what other promising platforms are on the horizon.


CircleMe was launched in March of this year and has garnered some attention among developers. The app recently won first place from the AppCircus traveling showcase. The attention CircleMe has gotten from this accolade is showing people an innovative new way to be social and possibly even a new tactic for marketing.

Instead of filing away the things you like, CircleMe uses those interests to build your profile and help you discover like-minded people.

The thing that has me excited about CircleMe is the “plant” feature. Since this is where the location based portion of the app comes in, it only works with the iPhone app. Here’s how it works; Imagine walking into your local book store and getting a book recommendation from a friend via CircleMe that they planted last week. Or planting the perfect song for a significant other in the park they walk through to work every day. Planting a message is a throwback to the days of hand-written communication and proves that sometimes it’s not always best to get instant gratification. Now with the recent addition of Plant Guides, you can also discover boutiques and restaurants that you may have otherwise never found.

Assuming the app is adopted by the masses, this feature could prove to be very useful for marketing as well. Brands could leave clues for scavenger hunts or coupons at retail locations leading the consumer to interact with the brand or encourage purchasing.