Eco $ense: The Morgue

If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting any Department Zero office, you have likely noticed how cool our offices are, how smart and creative the staff is, and maybe, if you’re lucky, that we have a kegerator.  But, under all that awesomeness, we have a dirty little secret; we have a morgue. 


That’s right, in all Department Zero offices, there is an area where dead marketing messages- in the form of t-shirts, plush toys, USB’s, tents, signs, and every other imaginable piece of an event marketing program- are temporarily stored before they meet their final end in the dumpster out back.

Some waste after a program wraps up is unavoidable.  After all, new messaging keeps your brand fresh and relevant and is a necessary part of a good program.  However, by keeping some elements more general, you will be able to reuse these items for future projects.  Plus it keeps everything from being too matchy-matchy which is never a good thing.

Here are a couple of easy ideas that can get you started in cutting down waste and stretch your marketing dollars further:

  • Brand swag items with your general logo not a specific program name.
  • Try removing the words “launch” or “all-new” from signage.  In a year you will probably still want to be marketing that product but it won’t still be “launching”.
  • Leave dates out if possible.  Chances are your marketing message may still be relevant for a while and leaving dates out can significantly extend the shelf life of your assets.
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