Last. Comment. Wins.

We have all seen the social media contests, “Like us and you will win a planet!” Then, you are directed to click here, allow access there, wonder if Facebook is going to sell your college photos to old boyfriends, publish your affinity for a brand on your wall, and share the contest with friends. Typing the process was less annoying than actually going through it online.


Carnival Cruise Lines recently did the cleanest social media contest ever seen. There was a post on their Facebook page, with an image, and extremely simple instructions. Last. Comment. Wins. Wait? Really? Okay! The brilliance of this is the repeated exposure to the brand, the check-backs, the competition, I could go on, but you get it.

The contest came to a close with over 45K comments. The winners were announced on their blog. It was clean, simple, engaging and fun. Next time you are tasked with developing a contest or sweepstakes, I recommend to keep it simple.