The Secret to Hiring the Best Tour Staff

I am about to share some trade secrets with you. Finding the perfect touring staff for a promotional tour can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, and it takes a lot of hard work to find the right individuals to work on any particular program. There are a few simple things to keep in mind when reviewing thousands of resumes, conducting countless interviews, and finalizing intense screenings to find the absolute best representatives to successfully execute a program.

  1. Experience is key.  A candidate’s experience level needs to meet all requirements set out by the program and theTour Managers are responsible for equipment, inventory, multiple activations, recaps, managing expenses, and training all on-site staff, which means they need to have experience handling all of these responsibilities.  Candidates must also qualify for the position by meeting 5 years of supervisory promotional experience and at least 1 year of touring experience. 
  2. Attitude is everything. A candidate’s personality and attitude is just as important as their experienceWhile interviewing for a recent tour, we had to keep in mind that our staff would be expected to dress up as tooth fairies at every campus.  Yes, that meant tights, tutus, and a tiara.  It was important to find individuals who were excited and embraced the opportunity to play dress up every day. 
  3. Communication is vital.  Visions and objectives of the program should be clearly discussed with the Tour Managers during interviews andThe staff needs to know what is expected of them throughout the duration of the program.  Constant communication between the Tour Managers and the brand team is an important factor for a successful execution. 

Recently, our Talent Department found the perfect team to execute a college tour for DenTek.  Jamie and Jessica traveled from sea to sea – I mean literally, they hit New York University and UCLA in the same month – stopping at multiple college campuses, dressed as tooth fairies.  At each stop they worked with additional Brand Ambassadors to promote the brand, managed to get featured on the Today Show, the front page of several newspapers, and gained a ton of fans on the brand’s Facebook page. The program’s success was largely due to the hard work of our tour staff.