My First Taste of Experiential Marketing

The 80's were my first taste of Experiential Marketing. Can you remember yours?

Looking through an old-school box in my basement, I came across a ton of unmemorable memorabilia.  Rummaging through old 1986 racquetball trophies from my youth (eat it Larry Myers, my back hand rocked), I stumbled upon my vintage MAD Magazines.  I opened to one ad, I immediately said, "oh lord, Max Headroom!" wife heard me across the room and said, "Oh my Gawd, what happened to that guy??" 


I suddenlyremembered walking down the 3rd street promenade and being handed a t-shirt with this guy's digital face and a Coke.  The New (now debunked) Coke.  A double shot of product sampling and branded giveaways. Since it was one of my first interactions with experiential marketing, it was certainly memorable for me.

After I repacked the box and threw in an old "underachiever" Bart Simpson shirt, I thought there could still be a lot to learn from the days of yore.  The simple gimmicks were the start of the experiential marketing industry.

Experiential Marketing frequently events to bring customers into contact with brands products to create memorable experiences - and it's continuing to grow in popularity. Marketers are looking for a high returns on budget investments, and brand experiences create a longer lasting, more personal and meaningful brand impact on consumers.