Experience vs Memory

This is a somewhat academic talk given by Daniel Kahneman, covering the complex topics of happiness and how experiences are perceived via memory. Widely regarded as the world's most influential living psychologist,  Daniel Kahneman won the Nobel in Economics for his pioneering work in behavioral economics -- exploring the irrational ways we make decisions about risk.  

This video is a very interesting dive into what constitutes “happiness,” but it also touches on a couple of items that should be kept top of mind for those of us crafting experiences:

  • One flaw can ruin the memory of an entire experience.
  • Emotional memories are preferred over physical experience reminders, like photos.
  • The story of an experience is what remains. It must be simple and strong.  After the details of an experience have faded, the memory of the experience will carry on.

I highly recommend combing the TED site, because there is an amazing, deep pool of videos, from incredibly fascinating and intelligent people who have shared with TED audiences over the years.