What color is the sun?

I know what you’re thinking; the answer is yellow. But really,it depends on how you perceive it.  From space, the sun is white.  Here on earth, we see it as yellow because we are looking at it through the atmosphere which filters the light so we see it as yellow.  White, yellow…yellow, white…both are correct, but since we are on earth, your answer is emphatically yellow.  This is just one example of how perception defines what we hold as universal truths. 


Here’s another one.  Empirically, your dog is no more loveable than your neighbor’s dog.  But since you know your dog’s personality, you like him way more than that other dog.  You perceive their dog as the lame dog that barks at 3:00am.  If you spent time with that dog, you would learn its personality and could come to like it much more. 

Like dogs, brands benefit from being seen favorably.  Perception determines how a brand is viewed and many things can color perception.  Most are out of a brand’s control. 

This is why experiential marketing can be such an important piece of brand building.  When you familiarize yourself with a consumer via conversation you humanize the brand.  You become more than a logo, a personalized entity with thoughts, feeling and opinions.  The more personal the connection, the more likely you are to create a brand loyalist.  By spending time with a consumer, you avoid being perceived as the brand that barks at 3:00am.