Guest Post - Erik the Intern


I am Erik, the 2012 Spring intern at Department Zero! I wanted to check in on the blog and report to potential summer interns about what they can expect.

From day one, I was assigned real projects, attended client brainstorm meetings, and learned how to run the front desk. I’ve even gotten to go out and view campaigns, take down displays, drive client’s display cars, and watch how the team formulates ideas for clients. Did I mention I have a killer downtown view of 20th Street? Or, that we are always playing music?

I came into the internship just hoping to learn new skills and maybe some new ways of thinking. Thus far, this experience has taught me much more than any previous internship. It has taught me how an experiential marketing firm operates; gaining new clients, task managing, brainstorming concepts, etc.  I had never thought about how much detail goes into putting an experiential campaign together. Luckily, I am even creating one myself, as all interns make a mock marketing campaign, to present at the end of the internship.