Training Programs in Action

Kicking off the summer touring season, we have had a lot of crews in our Kansas City office lately. Our touring staff spend the training week learning about the brands and products they will be representing, meeting the office staff and the client. They also eat a lot of KC BBQ. (Our office still smells like Arthur Bryants.) But training is much bigger than giving a crew a list of bullet points in the office. We role play, share best practices and past experiences, and practice interactions.


Our trainings also include a mock event. Our crews run through the entire process, from setting up the entire event site, consumer interactions, and tear down, to be sure there are no questions about the products, program or processes. Our Chrysler team, pictured here, gave test drives to our mock event attendees, and demonstrated the vehicles' attributes exactly as they would on the road. 

What do your tour training programs look like?