Google Saves Your Ass

There are a lot of men in the United States with a problem similar to George Costanza’s. Cards can pile up fast and while they might not explode your wallet, they can definitely become a literal pain in the ass. Decades of men with sore backsides have been waiting for a revolution that would finally eliminate the need for a big bulky wallet. Thanks to Google, that day is not far away. Last week Google officially unveiled Google Wallet, a near-field communication-based mobile payment system. This means in the near future we could be ditching the leather and storing all our cards on our phones.


This innovative change in the world of monetary transactions will also  bring excitement to event goers. The last thing people want to bring  into a concert or ball game with 20,000 other people is their wallet.  Moving credit cards onto a device that most people never leave behind  will make selling and purchasing merchandise on event sites a lot  easier and a lot more likely.

While it’s an exciting new application, how long will it take the American public take to fully adopt it? Could we be living in a wallet-less world in the next couple years? With all of the recent hacking incidents will people ever trust a fully digitalized method of payment? Or are people just too attached to their wallets that they won’t be able to part with the accessory that Costanza called an organizer, secretary and a friend.

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