Face to Face Marketing: Why it works

The traditional ways to reach consumers seem to have lost their sparkle these days. Thanks to the little black cable boxes that sit right below our TVs, anyone can fast forward through a series of commercials and completely by-pass all brand messages. Therefore, a lot of companies are turning to social media to interact with their consumers. Social media is a handy tool in many aspects, but it doesn’t necessarily create a lasting impact on potential buyers on it's own.

Face to face marketing allows you to not only reach your consumer base, but to impact them as well. Rolling social media interaction with face to face marketing creates real, lasting brand experiences.

According to this Go To Meeting infographic, face to face marketing is “the core of how we connect,” and promotional event marketing is the body to this marketing technique. When thinking about utilizing this marketing technique to connect with consumers, there are few key points to keep in mind:

1. Promotional teams and product sampling efforts generate excitement. They allow consumers to experience the product first hand and provide immediate answers to any questions that may arise.

2. Experiential marketing grows your consumer base. The overall purpose of a promotional event is to not only influence new customers, but to maintain current ones as well.

3. Event marketing can reinforce a brand's image and reputation. Experiences build an important interaction between the brand and potential buyers, while increasing the chance for word of mouth marketing.

Face to face marketing is an incredible tool for building lasting impressions, and can have a much greater impact on consumers than any purchased media outlet can provide.