Meet the Intern: Kelsey Husk

Kelsey Husk Photo for Blog.jpg

Hello readers! My name is Kelsey Husk and I am the new Fall intern here at Department Zero. I am a recent graduate of Arizona State University where I was enrolled in the W P. Carey School of Business. My major is Business Communications with an emphasis in Management and Entrepreneurship. I have always been interested in the field of business, and that interest only grew after completing my college courses. However, after graduation came and went, I realized that finding my dream job in the business industry was going to be tougher than I first assumed. My job search lead me to several business opportunities that were lack luster. I needed more innovation and excitement in my future work environment. I thought I might never find a business position that could satisfy my creative-soul and entrepreneurial-spirit, until discovering Department Zero.

My career goal is to do what I love. I love using my imagination to find a creative solution, and innovating the world around me. This is why I am so excited to join the Department Zero team, where freedom to explore creatively is encouraged. This internship has provided me the chance to take part in the marketing side of business, while expanding my overall business knowledge through hands-on experience.

I look forward to discovering what this unique company has in store for me over the next few months.