Instagram Marketing #NoFilter

Over the past three years, since its launch in October of 2010, Instagram has grown into a community of more than 150 million users. The app’s easy and fun way of sharing life’s moments with friends, through a series of photos and videos, has resulted in 55 million daily photo/video uploads and 1.2 billion daily likes shared. Instagram is a social media image platform that demands the attention of the marketing world.

The potential brand exposure, which Instagram delivers, would be a shame not to explore. The simplicity of image sharing is an advantage for today’s businesses, and requires that a visual marketing strategy be used. Photo sharing platforms provide the opportunity for a company to visually engage and connect with its audience.  Images have the ability to create an emotional response, and build a relationship between the customer and the brand.

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How to Achieve Business Success with Instagram

1. Tell The Brand’s Story

Be imaginative; take photos and videos of what you feel represents your brand or business. Give your audience a sneak peak into the company’s office and the employees that work there, walk them through the production process, show off your product or service, and build an image for your business.

2. Use Social Media

Connect Instagram with all other social networks. Include a link to the company’s Instagram page on other social media sites. Use the company’s twitter name on Instagram. Find ways to bring customers to your page, and expand your Instagram followers. Post Instagram images to your other networking platforms.

3. Build an Instagram Community

Follow established followers and suggested users. Post content that your target market/followers will be interested in. Search words that relate to your business, and form connections. Must importantly, use the app to interact, by posting comments and liking posts. Network!

4. Use Innovative Hashtags

5. Post Regularly

6. Get Followers Involved

Make your followers feel special by rewarding them when they advocate for the brand. Give them shout-outs when they post pictures of your product or service, use Instagram as a platform for promotional contests for loyal customers, and encourage followers to respond to posts.

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