Getting Tangled Up in Vine


Twitter's new 6 second video sharing app Vine is the newest and shiniest social media tool to hit the web, and has everyone talking about the possibilities open to media and brands. It’s been called the animated Instagram, the concentrated YouTube, and the new black.

Since I am a habitual social media bandwagon jumper, I signed up and immediately pointed by iPhone at the nearest thing to me – my daughter. My 6 sec looping video of my kid eating lunch is not the most compelling thing ever posted, to be sure. But it was enough to make me appreciate how awesome this platform is going to be in more practiced hands.

Vine will continue the democratization of high impact short videos. This app provides a simple, easy, accessible way to tell a story via jump cuts, stop animation, sight and sound. I can’t wait to see what kinds of living art and brand extensions come out of this, and I am personally excited to see how it adds to our clients’ branded experiences.

I went a-Googling to find some examples of brands that jumped onto Vine early, and came up with very few great examples. It seems that most are still in the experimenting phase as well, but I am inspired by what I see percolating. Here are a few resources for those that want to keep reading about Vine: