Eco Marketing $ense: Put Your Green Where Your Green Is

After the recent Presidential Inauguration one of my Facebook friends posted a reminder that, whether pleased or bummed with the election outcome, we still have the opportunity on a regular basis to cast our vote in an influential way; with where and how we spend money.


While the basic idea of voting with your dollars for local, organic, and sustainable goods to support those practices is familiar to many people on a personal level, this priority frequently gets overlooked when spending corporate dollars.   When it is taken into consideration that a single corporate project can easily have a budget that is 10-100 times what an individual spends in a year, these “votes” can make a pretty major impact.

Good, better, and best options are available to replace most components of a marketing program. Print project? Consider paper, inks, and location of the printer. No way to get around shipping event items cross country? Ground shipping is both more fuel efficient and less expensive. Team uniforms? Go for options that are made from sustainable materials right here in the USA.

Eco options are plentiful and, in many cases, the same price or cheaper than their “traditional” counterparts. On your next project let us know this is a priority we’ll cast your “vote” in a way that makes everyone happy!