Monthly Subscription Addiction

Monthly subscription boxes took off with a bang in 2012, and no one is looking back.  Boxes such as BirchBox,CitrusLaneBarkBox, and PopSugar Must Have, to name a few, all require relatively inexpensive monthly payments to receive a box delivered to your door with an assortment of new products to test.

The growth of subscription boxes provides many benefits for both the consumer and the brands included.  Consumers are able to satisfy their subconscious need for the latest and greatest product. In today's society, nobody wants to be the last one to know about anything, especially a terrific new product.  With subscriptions services, consumers experience the luxury of sampling new goodies at a discounted price.  The element of surprise also adds to the popularity of these boxes.  It’s like receiving a Christmas present at your door each month!

Subscription boxes also offer wonderful marketing benefits to brands.  The boxes allow companies to launch a new product, expand their customer base, and give consumers some first hand experience with the product.  This can help increase a higher footfall into the brand’s store or offer more traffic to the brand’s website for consumers to purchase full size products, and produce word of mouth talk value on social media. Small businesses are also able to “get their foot in the door” with top influencers to introduce themselves and product line. Promotions often follow a brands' inclusion in a new subscription box. 

Our consumer based society has quickly become addicted to the idea of having these boxes dropped off each month, and is chomping at the bit for the next great mystery box.  I must admit, after browsing the Internet for examples of subscription boxes, I have succumbed to my curiosity and consumer tendencies and signed up for two subscriptions to treat myself and my four-legged children.  This popular trend could quickly become my favorite addition.

monthly subscription.png