Enhancing the BMW Dealership Experience

BMW recently announced an exciting new initiative aimed at enhancing the dealership experience.  The “BMW Genius Everywhere” program puts iPad toting vehicle product specialists on showroom floors to educate consumers on the exciting features and technology BMW has to offer. 

BMW Genius.jpg

BMW, like many auto makers, recognize the undue stress and pressure consumers encounter during the car buying process. To combat this, non-threatening Brand Ambassadors will be the first engagement point inside the dealership to approach shoppers and help them learn and become excited about a vehicle before sitting down with a salesperson to pencil the numbers.

Following a strategy embraced by other progressive brands like Apple and Scion, BMW is really onto something here. By empowering the consumer through education and a carefully crafted brand experience, the consumer is able to make up their own mind – i.e., decide what they want to purchase – well before they meet the sales team.  This makes the dealership experience so much smoother, easier and faster for both the consumers and the dealers.