Beer and Jewels: Becks Sapphire Pop up Launch

Beer and jewels.jpeg

If diamonds are a girl's best friend, beer is a man's. The marketing department for Beck's beer had this idea in mind when they decided to create pop up launch parties that appeal to affluent men and women. The launch for Becks' Sapphire is the perfect example of finding the target audience and creating an atmosphere to embody the product. Beck's Sapphire is a new high-end beer that comes in a sleek black bottle and has a perfectly smooth finish.  To highlight these features, the pop up events were created to look like jewelry stores. Brand ambassadors could talk to consumers on a one-on-one basis about the beer. The German designer Moriz Waldemeyer was asked to create an environment for the launch that was modern, sleek and elegant just like the bottle.   Pop up parties for Beck's Sapphire could be found in the trendy hang outs of New York City, Miami, Chicago, and Beverly Hills.

Sadly, the last of the pop up parties ended February 15th in Chicago. Now people can look forward to seeing Beck's Sapphire at high-end clubs, bars, and restaurants. As a result of the pop up parties, the Beck's Facebook page has about 100,000 new likes.

The idea came to life working with Moderne Communications out of New York, Mosaic out of Chicago and Group 360 worldwide out of St. Louis.