Brands+Pinterest = Perfect Harmony

Pinterest: You’ve heard of it, your mother has heard about it, and even your grandmother (you know the one that stalks your Facebook) has probably heard about the growing social media site. In less than 3 years, it has become the 3rd largest social network with over 10 million users. Department Zero is even on Pinterest. But, what exactly makes it so popular, and why do brands love it so much?


Pinterest boomed throughout 2012, and the originality of the site is what keeps people intrigued. A huge percentage of the users are women, cataloging fashion, beauty, home and household tips via a beautiful, visual platform. It can keep people entertained for hours.  Most importantly, the simple design makes the site very user-friendly.

Event planners are using the site to share, promote, and save out of the ordinary ideas to create exceptionally creative evnironments. Brands love Pinterest because it creates a natural way to promote products, and consumers can stay in the loop with their favorite goods.  Promotions and contests are now taking place just on Pinterest.

Take Chobani Greek Yogurt for example:  The brand has 24 boards used to connect with their fans.  Each board caters to a specific audience; showing you how to bake with the yogurt, to what inspires their unique flavors, and how the product can help you get fit.  With nearly 40,000 followers, Chobani is able to use Pinterest to impact their consumer’s lives in an exceptional manner.

Pinterest is a marketing God.  Thousands of brands, just like Chobani, are using this social media site to their advantage and connecting with consumers in ways other social media sites can’t touch.  Can you think of a better way to spend countless hours than browsing all of your favorite products and the different ways you can use them?  Personally, I can not. 

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