Guest Post by Intern Kacie Hoctor

After my first week at Department Zero, I could already tell this internship was going to be more than I ever expected.  On the second day I was diving into research for an event campaign and driving around in client’s display cars.  Weeks have now passed and the new experiences have not ceased.  I have been included in status meetings, mastered the Google for client research, learned the ways of staffing, and have even obtained some new front desk skills.

One perk of this internship is the working environment.  Seriously, it’s LEGIT.  We are constantly “bumpin’ beats” in the office, and The Shark Tank and War Room are some of the most comfy places to get work accomplished. 

I never thought an internship could be so essential to my future career.  Through my personal internship experience, I have learned (and will continue to learn) so much more about the ins-and-outs of an experiential marketing campaign than any textbook could ever teach me.  I even have the chance to create my own {mock} marketing campaign. - Not gonna lie, when I first heard I would be flying solo on this campaign, this is what I felt like...


But, I do believe it will be one of the most beneficial parts of the internship, and will give me the real world experience I have been seeking.