Innovation at its Finest

When was the last time a new product was introduced and you thought to yourself, “How innovative?”  Since the initial launch of the 1st Generation iPhone in June 2007, nothing has struck me as a completely new idea.  All Apple products are based around the same concept and, in my opinion, all other technology companies have just simply been copycats. 

Insert Google’s Project Glass.  I learned about this new phenomenon last summer and have been amazed ever since.  Project Glass is innovation at its finest.

google glass.jpeg

As a millennial, I am always on the search for the latest and greatest, and Google’s new “glasses” bring augmented reality to life.   The Google Glass headset connects via Bluetooth to your current iPhone or Android and uses your phone’s 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi capabilities to provide its consumers with immediate gratification.

 While this product is completely awesome, I have to wonder about the practicality of Google Glass.  With the initial price point of $1,500, is this headset really worth the ability to wander around the streets with a funny looking pair of glasses on your face while talking to yourself?  Watch the below video and answer that question for yourself.