Social Channels Extend Live Events

Given the hype that social media and content marketing generates daily, it is surprising that many marketers still are not integrating social media into their live events.  Brands are sponsoring live events, designing creative messaging, and producing experiential efforts, but are not leveraging the audience’s social activity to increase engagement.   

More than half of all US consumers have and use smart phones, and 66% of those use their phone to check Facebook daily. The average Facebook user has 245 friends, so even just 50 people with Facebook on their phones have the potential to reach 12,250. That's not even counting Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, or Google+ followers and friends.

I came across a great post on MediaPost today, that outlined some simple and clear tips to activate event audiences via social channels.  

  1. Develop a unique hashtag
  2. Give clear instructions and information
  3. Showcase online content during the event
  4. Be part of the conversation
  5. Continue engagement after the event

Smart phone toting, social media users are already creating content daily. Simply harnessing this power will dramatically increase the impact of live event marketing efforts.

social channels.jpg