Stress Fresh

This guerrilla marketing stunt by Nivea is my worst nightmare.

Patrons at the Hamburg Airport were hand-picked at random to be the victim of this prank, masquerading as guerrilla marketing. The target individual was secretly photographed, and it was quickly transformed to appear on the front pages of newspapers and news stories on the television in the airport,  stating that this individual was a dangerous criminal. Airport announcements were made on the intercom describing what this individual was wearing, asking the public to help identify this dangerous person. The targeted individual had to suffer the stares from the surrounding people at the airport, and then the “police force" came out to get them. When they approached the individual, they asked, “Are you stressed?” They then revealed the new Nivea deodorant products, and took the individual for a tour of the prank.

The StressTest campaign was developed at Felix & Lamberti, Hamburg, by creative director/copywriter Felix Schulz and art director Johannes Widmer.

My answer would be YES! I would be stressed. I am a white knuckle flyer. I don’t enjoy traveling or being in airports, since I fear that one wrong move would mean that I won’t be able to ever fly again. I have not done anything real or fake to make people think I should be arrested, but this would still terrify me.  Although the people in the German airport in this video seemed to have kept their composure, I can tell you that this product prank would not have been so kindly received in the United States. 

As part of the internship program at Department Zero, we are tasked with finding recent examples of great experiential and brand activation efforts happening across the globe. We share them with the teams in the office, and here on the blog for the internet to enjoy. We do not claim that these are the works of Department Zero, and credit the agencies who produced the program where possible.