The Future is Here

“The road you’re on, John Anderton, is the one less traveled.” This Lexus advertisement is one of the personalized messages that Tom Cruise’s character is overwhelmed by as he walks through a mall in the film “Minority Report.” In 2002 this scene may have seemed far-fetched, but the truth is we are a lot closer than you might think. Android recently released an application that uses facial recognition software to automatically tag your friends in photos. It recognizes the face and links it to a person’s Facebook profile, accessing all of their information.


It's no retinal scanner from 2054, but facial recognition software could do wonders for event marketers. A few strategically placed cameras at events could potentially replace all of our current tracking and data capturing efforts. As soon as someone walked in the door, they could elect to hand over their name and contact information, and share their location.

With the recent backlash Apple has received after the iPhone tracking allegation, would this ever fly with the American public? If so, at what point would it be too far?

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