Simple But Effective Brand Activation

In the world we all live in, humans have decided that bigger is always better. We want it all and we want to feel like we are a part of something special. Big budgets help to create larger than life interactive experiences. Not all brands can spend the big bucks but still need the large number of interactions with their brand. Not all experiential campaigns need to be on a grand budget scale. In fact, some very influential marketing can be done with little cost. I have compiled a few examples to prove my point.

My favorite has to be The Spirit of Jeep campaign created by Leo Burnett in Mexico. Armed with only a stencil and a wet rag, brand ambassadors went around to dirty cars and stenciled a message for the driver. The message was “we see you like to off-road” with the Jeep logo and the URL to Jeep of Mexico.  They filmed the reactions of the drivers and complied pictures of the dirty cars. In essence, they created mobile billboards for Jeep. They locked in on the moment and created quality interactions with the drivers and bystanders. It is tagging meets branding with no harm done to the vehicle.

Another simple and fun activation was created for Ray-Ban back in 2011. Ray-Ban sunglasses were printed out and placed on billboards, random posters, statues and other public artifacts. The lenses of the glasses say “never hide”, the name of the campaign and nothing more. These glasses created buzz for the product and made people aware.

Both of these examples are fun and easy ways to create buzz for a brand. Some call it guerrilla marketing, others call it brand activation, and I simply call it genius. If a brand can create buzz for its products in such simple and interesting ways without breaking the bank, it should be done. So next time you are musing about a multi-million dollar activation project, take a step back and think about how the same activation can be created with limited resources.