Taking festival activations to the next level

Summer is fast approaching and with it comes music festivals that will be rocking all across the nation. These festivals provide a great opportunity for brands to market themselves to their target audience, but it only works when done right. For the festival go-er, a weekend music festival is all about the experience.  If a brand can create a valuable experience for the consumer that fits in seamlessly with the atmosphere, the take away can be huge. With the extension of social media sites, brands have an even greater reach before, during, and after a festival to prove that their product fits in with everyday life.

Coachella 2013

Coachella 2013

What does a festival look like? At the larger festivals attendance will be around 80,000 for a 3-day time span. Festival go-ers are generally twenty somethings who have saved since Christmas for their tickets. They are the mavens, the buzz generators, the trend setters. They are fully connected to social media and will share memorable experiences on those sites. If your brand creates a valuable experience for them at a festival, the chances of exposure for your brand grow exponentially.

HP Music ball.jpg

There are many examples of brand activations at festivals but one of the most recent activations that created a real value in a new way was created for HP printers. HP created a large ball equipped with a wifi antenna and an HD digital camera that took live streaming photos as it bounced around the crowd. These unique images were wirelessly streamed to HP printers on site as well as screens on the stage, the brand’s Facebook page, and a web-TV. The live stream was said to have reached up to 3 million viewers. In addition to watching the live feed, festival goers could tag themselves to the images on Facebook or print out images at the HP tent using the HP printer.

The key point is to figure out what might be missing at these festivals or what might take it to the next level. Then figure out how to incorporate the product so that the activation is a part of the festival experience and not just a branded event.  People will remember an exciting experience and be more than willing to share with friends and family on social media sites.