#music Makes the People Come Together

#music Popular Tab

#music Popular Tab

On April 18th, Twitter announced the release of Twitter #music, a new service that uses “Twitter activity, including Tweets and engagement, to detect and surface the most popular tracks and emerging artists.”

After checking out the webpage and downloading the iPhone app, I am excited for the opportunities this service provides.  #music is separated into 4 tabs: Popular, Emerging, Suggested, and #NowPlaying.  The Popular tab is dedicated to trending music and blockbuster tracks, while Emerging showcases hidden talent found in user’s tweets.  The other two tabs are more personal; Suggested recommends bands you might enjoy based on which artists you follow and who they follow, and the #NowPlaying tab displays songs your friends are listening to and tweeting about. 

This music-discovery app has a sleek and appealing tile design that is easy to use and explore.  Supplied from iTunes, Rdio, and Spotify, users are able to listen to clips or full tracks to encounter new music.

The new #music app has a lot of things going for it, including a ton of celebrity endorsements from artists and music influencers who had early access to the services. 

I am always interested in finding new music to listen to and am happy Twitter has finally closed the gap and provided users with a place to explore artists.  I've had the app for about a week now, and have already downloading some new songs from bands I had never heard of before.  In my opinion, #music is a welcome addition to the social media world.