Ride + Drive Event Best Practices

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That new car smell.  The feel of the open road.  Literally, being in the driver’s seat.  It’s no secret that getting potential automotive customers to take a test drive is one of the best possible ways to get them to fall in love with, and ultimately purchase, a new car.  However, it’s also not breaking news that the sales process in a dealership is perceived to be high pressure and pushy.  More and more frequently people are deciding what car they plan to purchase prior to even entering a dealership. 

This trend is making the time honored tactic of manufacturer produced ride and drives, where people have the opportunity to test drive, or take a ride along, a more crucial to a comprehensive automotive marketing plan.

Ensuring a successful return on investment when executing a Ride and Drive requires a strategic approach and careful planning.  While every Ride and Drive program will be different, there are a few key items that are tantamount to the program’s success:

  1. Placement - A strong understanding of both foot and vehicle traffic, position within overall event, and any competing/ complimentary displays are crucial to making sure that the Ride and Drive location will attract participants.
  2. Persuasion - Clear signage is a piece of the puzzle in driving traffic to the Ride and Drive but nothing beats an invitation from a well-trained product specialist with upbeat smile to really make participation numbers soar.
  3. Panache – Make it pop!  Whether people are getting to drive the coolest car not-yet on the block, maneuvering through a fun and different driving course, or being drawn in by a crazy cool interactive component, it’s our job to give guests a reason to get excited! 

Year after year, Department Zero's Ride + Drive performance exceeds expectations, delivering more drives and leads than projected.