Staff Training + Team Building

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It can be scary to trust strangers to represent your brand. That fear can create a barrier between the brand and their event staff, which can produce less than desirable results. Good staff training creates true brand advocates, which is why Department Zero believes that training is one of the most important aspects to successful experiential marketing programs. A branded t-shirt, talking points and an email will not make someone a brand evangelist.

Our training processes vary by program, but whether it takes place in person, in groups, or via video conferences, the first goal is to invite the team into the process.  We’re building teams of brand ambassadors and product specialists, who will not only make sure the experience operates flawlessly, but will communicate the very essence of a brand to consumers. 

These field representatives need to understand the roles of everyone involved, the program goals, how success will be judged, and how they can improve upon the effort.  If at all possible, the brand manager/client should be involved in a portion of the training. Knowing a name, a face, a person within the brand makes the relationship personal to the field staff. It lets them know that this effort is important, that results will be expected, and it motivates everyone to deliver.

Here at Department Zero we aren’t afraid to boast that we thrive at sourcing and training the highest quality staff in the country. Are you confident in who’s representing your brand?