Instagram Video Proves to be a Hit

Last Thursday, Instagram introduced Video in an effort to “bring [users] another way to share your stories.” While there have been many criticisms facing the popular app and their need to compete with Twitter’s Vine, Instagram Video proves to be a success.  According to CNET, the 5 million videos mark was hit in just 24 hours of the app’s new release.

The Facebook-owned Instagram was thoughtful when introducing the new feature – tapping into the like of the 130 million monthly users who already have the app downloaded to their smart phones.  The feature allows consumers to make a 15 second video – much longer than their competitor’s 6 second video – add 1 of 13 filters to their short clips, stabilize the video, and focus the image during shooting.

Instagram has already proved themselves as a worthy PR tool in the marketing world by providing companies with the opportunity to:

  • Showcase their brand and individual products
  • Give consumers a behind-the-scenes look at an individual company its employees
  • Enhance the "human value" of the brand to connect with brand enthusiasts on a more personal level

Whether it’s a local brewery providing a sneak-peek of the brewing process for a new craft beer, or a company showcasing their employees giving back to the community in short 15 second increments, the launch of Instagram Video should help increase a brand’s effort to make a splash through social media marketing. 

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