Meet the Interns: Haley Jones

haley2 (2).jpg

Hello readers.  My name is Haley Jones and I am the new and proud intern here at Department Zero!  All my life I have grown up in the culturally rich community of the Kansas City area.  It was here I fell in love with arts, and through my education at William Jewell College I fell in love with field of Business. I am currently a Senior Business Administration and Art major, minoring in Entrepreneurial Leadership at William Jewell.  Many have gawked at this seemingly weird assortment of majors and minor, but I believe it all encompasses the field I love most: Marketing.

Through my perspective, Marketing is the realm where consumers discover what they have been missing: a product, a purpose, a set of values.  The most common marketing tools used to facilitate the connection between consumer and product (conventional marketing techniques), has become a part of our everyday lives.  We witness billboards while driving to work, radio ads on our way home, and commercials while we watch our news.  Our society has a culture of conventional marketing.

 It is for the readers that I pose this question: why is it we succumb to this form of marketing? Wouldn’t you rather meet the product, purpose, or set of values face-to-face before we make it a part of our lives?  This is exactly what Experiential Marketing allows the consumers to do!  Through experiential marketing you, the consumers, get to interact with the brands through innovative means before you buy! 

This is the form of marketing which I have fallen in love with!  Through this internship at Department Zero, I get to use my artistic nature and creative mind to show a customer what they have needed all along.  It also brings together all different types of people and values to a joint connection via a product or purpose.  The magic of experiential marketing is beyond rewarding.